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Since day one, The Hack & Hop has made a name for itself as a leading Pub in the Blackfriars area. Read on below for a selection of the media coverage we’ve received throughout the years.

Mr Hyde


Why it's a great pub: This stripped back, low-decor spot shines amid all the "cosy" (read: prohibitively old-mannish) pubs down Fleet Street. The beer list includes the cheeky sessioner Arise by Burning Sky, a peachy, hoppy number that slips down a little too easily.
Why it's a great roast: Go huge with the special platter, easily enough for three, and gird your loins for the melt-in-mouth pork belly and colossal Yorkies - just remember to ask for extra gravy.

Evening Standard


As the newest member of the Pubs of Distinction group, Hack & Hop comes with good pedigree. Its siblings are among the finest craft beer pubs in the capital - the Dean Swift near Tower Bridge and the Old Red Cow by Smithfield Market.
Like its relatives, this City pub - so named for its proximity to one-time hack central Fleet Street - excels on the beer front, with more than 20... (click link to read full article)



A new haven for craft beer lovers just off Fleet Street, with London and Yorkshire brewers, such as Beavertown, Pressure Drop, The Hop Studio and Saltaire, particularly well-represented. Food is hearty, with the venison pie a winter highlight.

Urban Walkabout


This 'local beer house' serves some of London's finest craft beers in keg, cask and bottles. Foodies won't be disappointed either with a great reputation for Sunday roast alongside traditional pub grub in this modern relaxed setting.

Olive Magazine


Hack & Hop is a brilliant new craft beer pub just off Fleet Street in the City of London. It's a cosy local beer house with a modern interior and the upstairs is the perfect spot to escape the after work crowd. From its great selection of bottled beers, try Okell's 1907 or go for a local ale such as Redwell pale ale or Devon Red cider on tap.

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The Hack & Hop is a craft beer lover's haven in the City of London. Hack & Hop's sister pub The Old Red Cow has been one of our favourites for a few years so we had high expectations for its craft beer offshoot. Nestled in a small side street off of Fleet Street, the Hack & Hop offers a variety of craft beers from around London...(click link to read more)

The Londonist


We remember when this place was a proper old-fashioned 'bloke's pub'. It's not hard...the Coach and Horses only closed at the end of 2013. In its place, we find this bang-on-trend craft ale bar from the Pubs of Distinction mini-chain. You might know them from such previous works as Old Red Cow in Farringdon and Dean Swift in Shad Thames.... (click link to read full article)



Fleet Street's hard-drinking hacks may have hopped off elsewhere but this understated reboot of an old boozer is worth a punt. Framed original front pages - eg Man Walks On The Moon - aren't the real scoop here: that's the craft brews; including Beavertown, Pressure Drop and Weird Beard.

Craft Beer London App - 5 out of 5


Fleet Street was once the greatest drinking thoroughfare in the world. In the days when all of Britain's national newspapers were based in and around the Street of Shame, the local pubs hummed with bluster, debate and, more often than not, extreme drunkenness. We live in more restrained times, alas, and the newspapers, with their...(click link to read more)

Keith Barker-Main

Keith Barker-Main.png

Had I been of an even earlier vintage, I might have ended up on Fleet Street. By the time I took to reporting on London's bar scene, the old gutter press pack's dipso hacks had long since hopped off elsewhere. Some fled to other parts of town, others ended up in their own obit columns, felled by cirrhosis, and for one former red top editor, if it all goes pear shaped at the Bailey, a cell at her Majesty's pleasure could soon be the 'hold-the-front-page!...(click link below to read more)